Your honor, I object

So currently Congress is acting as its name implies and preventing progress. Specifically, the Republicans have been acting like Bugs Bunny saying "Oh yeah, well cross THIS line" leaving the Democrats to their part as Yosemite Sam, and step over the current line of compromise. Except now the federal government will fall off the cliff.

I like the idea of a smaller federal government. I don't see the need for people in New York and Massachusetts to pay for roads in Texas. I don't see the need for artificially propping up the prices of corn, nor the need to artificially decrease the price of gasoline. Though I do see how someone would have different opinions on the subject.

So the Republican and Democratic leadership (possibly) managed to make a deal, but got torpedoed by the Tea Party faction of the party. Apparently the Tea Party is all about taking the government back... from the people... to the 'Merican people... but this time the God-fearing Christian ones. They like small government and lower taxes. And that global warming stuff is clearly mumbo-jumbo because it snowed a lot last winter.

This makes me want to encourage the funding of the Department of Education even more. Give them shovelfuls of money. And forbid the selling of Apologia's "science" texts under the basis of false advertising. Seriously, look at the crap they call biology (from the Sample Module):

As you will learn when we study the hypothesis of evolution in depth, there is precious little evidence for such an idea and quite a bit of evidence against it.
Still reading this? I assume you put your fist through your monitor and have bought a new one. Good, that'll help get the economy going again.

But how could we possibly fund anything? Everyone is doing so poorly right now! Well... I suspect there's a few ideas floating around. But taxes are so much higher now than ever before... or not.

All this said, the Democrats and Republicans are really just playing a game of chicken. The Democrats are going to end up getting the blame for the inevitable raising of taxes, because "tax and spend Democrats" rolls off the tongue just as well as "We're a Christian nation." Never mind that it's just not true.

Ok, I feel a little better after complaining for a little while.