Ok, so I decided I needed a haircut. I've never really found a place that I particularly like--I just don't care about my hair enough to warrant that degree of attention. Plus, we've recently hired a slew of new people, so I figured what better way to welcome the new folks than to let them shear the hair off my head.

The images here are pretty large (around 1.2 MB), and the movies are as big as 5MB, so be patient.

If you are impatient, here are the before and the after shots.

(Picture) Before

(Movie) Finding the site.

(Movie) Last words?

(Movie) Dave applies the first cut: ear-to-ear-over-the-top.

(Picture) Nigel working on the ear-to-ear-over-the-top. It doesn't come out very well because my hair was too long at the start.

(Picture) Same process, different angle.

(Movie) Scot doing some major damage

(Movie) Hare Krishna

(Picture) Joyce finishing the job.

(Picture) Wide view of The Mess On The Floor

(Picture) Closeup of The Mess On The Floor

(Picture) The finished product. I got rid of the beard later.