Fun: (Specifically, non-tech fun)

2011.05.31 -- This page won't be updated for new music. Instead, this one will.

2011.05.29 -- Chincoteague.mp3 -- Yet another riff I've been playing with for years. The melody came first, figured out a rhythym to go behind it, then forgot it for five years. Remembered it five years ago and started playing it again, but forgot which key it was in; turns out I'd been "practicing" it in the wrong key for the last five years. Ah, well, easy enough to transpose down. Four guitar tracks.

CAm.mp3 -- Another riff I've been playing with for a while. One track mandolin, the other track guitar. The downside to technology is that after I recorded it pretty much the way I wanted it, my phone crashed and I lost it. So this is the re-take. There's major blemishes, but I want to move on.

RoCofOTFroPor.mp3 -- A riff I've been noodling with for a while. Recorded on my phone while sitting on the front porch roasting coffee. Three tracks -- main riff, harmonics, "bass". My phone now has more power than my Tascam Porta-One from 1988. That is the upside to technology.

What to do with dead flies while working the night shift...

A local copy of Good Night Keith Moon

2009 November: Knee surgery My Knee Surgery Stitches

2009 June 11: A couple pictures of Sandra's ankle (Updated 2009 June 18)

2009 May 7: Contemplative -- a song I've been working on. This is by no stretch a final version of it. All instruments are Garage Band bots. The real melody should be done on an overdriven electric using a slide, but I haven't gotten around to hooking the guitars and the computer together.

2008 November: Bacon Biscuits

I Have No Sense Of Rhythym and I Can't Count

We took a vacation to a family camp in Maine.

A Map of Virginia's Wildlife Management Areas. If Virginia won't supply this, someone ought to.

Pictures that demostrate why you should let a rotary saw blade come to a complete stop before getting your fingers any damn where near it.

My mirror of the W Deck.

I have begun attempting to restore a monarch telephone.

Pictures (not mine) that are supposed to be from clearing the Labrador Highway in Newfoundland.

Sandra and I took a trip to Paris in spring, 2003.

Sandra found a grub while digging in the garden. What could be more fun?

I hope this tool will help me remind myself to find out when the bands I'm interested might be playing somewhere near me.

The meat from's Wgirls.

I went pheasant hunting

Pictures 1 and 2 of Nigel's dream office.

Comics: There's a bunch of good comics available online. Unfortunately, they're severely polluted with extraneous crap. This keeps me from having to see all the garbage and get straight to the point.

Haircut: What better way to get to know your new co-workers than to have them shave your head?

Music: I recorded a bunch of songs and put them onto a tape which I called "Dodge:\1.3". Little did I know that years later when I digitized it the filename would cause such difficulties for Windows users. This is a wonderful example of serendipity. The songs are in .mp3 format:

I also created this using a bunch of overdubs, delay, and feedback. Note that this is in .wav format:Yes, they're copyrighted. Permission to copy or include the music in derived works is explicitly GRANTED, but I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

Miscellaneous: Things that are fun that don't fit elsewhere.