The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 04/05/1863.
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General Hospital, Leavenworth City, April 5, 1863

Dear Wife:

With infinite pleasure I hasten to answer your very welcome letters which came here while I was absent from the hospital. I was detailed to go to the city of Springfield, Mo. in company with another segt. of our regiment to fetch an insane man to this hospital. I went from choice as I thought it would be beneficial to my health. I think I am not as well as I was before I went and I am sorry that I did go. We were furnished rations which were supposed to take us there and back but were detained by being kept there and also by bad weather till I had to use my own money to the amount of over $15, all of which the surgeon in charge says I will be paid back next pay day. He also wished me to go to the city of Washington with the crazy man but I have declined the no-doubt intended favor, as I should not get any extra pay for my services. Tomorrow I intent to make application to Col. W. A. Barstow for a recruiting commission to recruit for the Third Wisconsin Cavalry. I have not much hopes that he will grant my request but I thought I would try what I could do. My opinion is that I may be sent to Wisconsin by the 15 or 18th of May. By some means they have got the order here to send the convalescent men to their respective states but by the time they get ready to send the men to Madison they may think that I am well enough to resume the duties of the field. If such should be the case I shall be deprived of the privilege of going. It appears that in these times we can only hope for the best. In my last I told you that I would send you some more money but I have only $6 left and I hate to be out of money entirely. Renwick Russel is here. Ezekiel Cheney's wife's oldest son. He was wounded at the battle of Prairie Grove. He is fast recovering. Johnny Harris was slightly wounded. He is in his regiment. It is the 20th Wisconsin Infantry. John McDermont was killed in that battle. He was the man who horse-whipped John Hutchinson in Mineral Point, and was a Captain when killed ... I do hope I shall get the privilege of coming to see you all soon. Till then I have to wait. Anyhow kiss the little ones for me. God bless you all till I see you is my prayer.

Your affectionate husband,

Chas. N. Mumford.