The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 03/01/1863.
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General Hospital, Leavenworth City March 1, '63

Dear Wife:

I received yours of the 21st of Feb. the 26th. They were whitewashing the rooms at the time it came and it was impossible for me to write before, therefore you must not suppose that I was slow to answer your very kind and welcome letter. I have always answered your letters as promptly as possible and will continue to do so. My health is improving. I am nearly as fleshy as when I was taken sick. My weight is 170 pounds, and yet I am unable to endure much fatigue. I am very glad indeed that you have got some state money as I know that you needed it very much. Yesterday Andrew Padfield was here; he came down from Fort Scott with several of Co. M.. He returns today. Sampson has his discharge and is on his way home. Si Rosencrants has got his discharge. Andrew says he will not go home this spring. I do now know any more when I shall get my discharge than I did two months ago. They discharge a few men every week. Some of them are more able to do duty than I have been since last August. I have been in hospital four months the 8th of this month. I was sick a month before I came to the Hospital at Fort Scott and I really think I have stayed long enough to be discharged. I hope I shall be with you by the first of April and believe I shall be but it is all guess work.

Tell me what the people think about the act which takes all able bodied men into the service between the ages of 18 and 40. I have read the bill several times. I think it will take Henry surely. I can only hope not for his sake.

I have to write on my knees and do not know as you can read this. If you can it will be very uninteresting to you. Give my love and kiss the baby and tell her I will be home in four or five week you think.

Heaven bless you.

Yours as ever, C. N. Mumford