The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 11/21/1862. No envelope.

Fort Scott, Nov. 21st '62

Dear Wife:

I write you a few lines to let you know that my fever is broke through the goodness of God. I am better and in a fair way to recover, yet I have to tell you I am afraid I shall never be a well man. My feet or rather toes from the first joint of the foot are almost entirely numb and have been so more or less since the middle of July and now there is but very little feeling in my toes. I had to rub them a great deal but since I was sick I had no strength to rub them. They seem to be asleep or prickly and get very cold. The doctors say they can't do them any good. I hope and pray this may find you all well. I have not got a letter from you that is dated since or later than September. It is a long long time not to hear from you. I suppose you have written and the letters have gone to Arkansas. I want you to sell my overcoat or cut it up and make coats for Frank and Ned. It cost nine dollars and seventy five cents. If you can get nine you had better let it go. If you cut it up for Ned and Frank, save a few of the buttons of each kind. I have another overcoat that I bought. I think it is full as good as the one at home if not better. I feel quite an assurance that I shall come and live with you all yet and see years of happiness. I suppose I could get a discharge if I should try but I do not know as it would be good policy. I have not time and strength to write the reason at this time. It is typhoid fever I have had. I can walk with a cane a few steps, only I am very poor. I can reach around by arm above my elbow. I am tired out. God bless you all. Direct Gen. Hospital, Ft. Scott, Kansas.

Chas. N. Mumford